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Who Is Slapdash?

Who Are We?

Slapdash RVA serves as the middle ground for Richmond, VA's community and culture. We have gained the financial support and recognition of the highest regards from many of the local businesses, as well as independent artists, designers and all around cool kids. Slapdash is considered by local Richmond patrons as one of the go-to outlets for events relevant to the art and street culture in Central Virginia since 2008.

Major Events

A list of some of the major events we have been involved with.

  • Epic Fest 2011

- (One stage, One Day)

  • SXSW 2012

- (Partnered w/ BombOnEm.com + YouHeardThatNew to present "Post Traumatic Fresh 2012")

  • Epic Fest 2012

- (Two Stages, Two Days)

  • RVA Music Festival

- (Partnered w/ RVA Mag to present the official RVA Hip Hop Stage)

  • Epic Fest 2013

- (Partnered w/ Coors Light & Crown Royal)
- (5 Stages, 4 Days)

  • A3C 2013

(Became official media sponsor for the DMV stage presented by N.I.C.E. Entertainment)

  • Epic Fest 2014

- (Partnered w/ Art Whino/Richmond Mural Project & Comfort Inn)
- (6 Days, 8 Stages)

Honorable Mentions

An idea of some of the acts we have booked and companies we have worked with over the years.


  • Nickelus F
  • Fat Trel
  • Robb Bank$
  • Denzel Curry
  • The Kid Daytona
  • Laws & The Justice League
  • Tabi Bonney
  • Fam-Lay
  • Nando Mcflyy
  • Chaz French
  • Goth Money Records
  • Ken Rebel
  • brandUN Deshay
  • Brother Ali
  • Yung Gleesh


  • Coors Light
  • Crown Royal
  • Zing Vodka
  • RVA Magazine
  • Art Whino & Richmond Mural Project
  • DJBooth.net
  • The Cheats Movement
  • Karmaloop

Event Recaps

Slapdash Tunes


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