Slapdash RVA has been prevalent voice and keynote staple in the Richmond community and beyond since 2009. We have accumulated knowledge along the way, and here are some services we can offer currently.


Instagram Auto Engagment 

Lets face it, in 2018 the music game is full of saturation. Being good just isn't good enough, being creative isn't just creative enough either. You have to start thinking about yourself as a business. You have to be ready to invest some marketing dollars into yourself.

I know what you're thinking.. You already invest money in production, you already invest money into the studio, already invest money into your media content and you already invest money into artwork. Our response to that is, what good is any of the money you invest into any of those things, if the target audience does get to see it and appreciate it? We can help with that so contact us when you are ready.

Tour Routing + Event Booking

Slapdash RVA had its very first event at a small sushi spot called Nara Sushi in RVA back in February 2009. Since then, we have thrown well over 30+ local shows, as well as routed tours for independent artists and had sponsored stages at A3C, SXSW and CMJ.

We have successfully put together countless one sheets, sponsorship packages and tour outlines for numerous clients in the past ranging from a sneaker showcase, to a food truck tour, to an independent tour sponsored by Karma Loop.If you have some dates and location that you would like to showcase your art, music or fashion line with a series of events we can help put that together for you.